February 15, 2023

Disco’s 2023 growth equation – what’s on the horizon for this year

The Disco Team hosted our first-ever Product Event at the end of January. As our network of brands and shoppers continues to expand, we want to keep all of our brand partners up-to-date with how Disco is working hard for them –  to increase their reach, get them in front of more  net-new shoppers, and identify impactful ways for them to collaborate with like-minded merchants to grow, together.

Let’s start with a look back at 2022:

  • We raised a $20M Series A.
  • We re-branded from Co-op Commerce to Disco.
  • We improved the overall functionality of the Disco platform.

The most important question our brands wanted to know was, how much did Disco Network grow?

  • We increased reach by 53%, reaching 26M+ shoppers in 2022. 
  • We nearly doubled the cross-sell and upsell GMV, or gross merchandise value, driven to Disco brands.
  • We increased AOV on Disco-driven orders by 13%.

And Disco Network brands saw substantial growth during the key sales period of Black Friday through Giving Tuesday.

Data-driven partnerships

In Q4’2022, we added a key feature to our platform to help brands find low-risk, high-value brand partnerships with a Brand Match Report. This bi-weekly report is delivered straight to your inbox to make it easier than ever to see which brands have customer overlap, allowing the decision makers at the brands to formulate intentional and informed co-marketing opportunities like email swaps, promotions on social media, and even co-branded products. 

The BrandMatch report enables you to reach out to your matches directly on Disco, cutting through the noise and getting to the right contact faster.

To offer merchants a more actionable way to leverage network data, we added a Customer Overlap graph to Disco’s Partnership Dashboard to highlight the top ten brands in the network that you share customers with, beyond just Disco-driven conversions. Coupled with other shopper data, brands have been using this information to inform partnerships and pursue partner conversations. 

Lower CPAs with DiscoAudiences

DiscoAudiences empower network brands to target high-intent shoppers on paid social. This growth tool leverages the rich data we’ve gathered from the millions of shopper profiles throughout the Disco Network and creates custom direct, seed, or interest-based audiences for your paid ad campaigns on Meta and Snapchat (TikTok coming soon!)

So what about 2023?

  • In 2023, we’re bringing more scale to brands on the network than ever before. How will we achieve this? We’re hyper-focused on developing ecosystem partnerships and adding more brands to the network. We have many exciting partnership tests underway with a handful of ad platforms and eCommerce partners, all of which will act as significant distribution multipliers.
  • We’ve added some enhancements to the DiscoAudiences product, including the launching of new categorical audiences.  These enable brands to better target their ad spend in Meta with category-based audiences, like people in “baby products,” “apparel,” or “wellness”, and we plan to continue to add more categories in the coming months. 
  • We’re expanding our range of audience sizes –  50K and 100K DiscoAudiences were released in January and we have more to come throughout the year. We’ve also been accepted into the TikTok platform program and will be developing audiences for TikTok!
  • We’ve heard from many customers about the valuable Disco data and insights that have informed their marketing and partnership strategies. Moving forward, we plan to refine and enhance the insights we can surface to our brands to empower them to make smart decisions about their targeting and growth tactics. For example, we tapped into our shopper data to deliver these insights on how brands performed over Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2022. 

Like what you see? Here are a few ways you can get involved with Disco Network activity: 

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