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Meet Disco
Say hi to the world’s first collaborative post-purchase ad network, built on the belief that brands who work together, grow together.
We connect like-minded brands to reach new shoppers, while introducing shoppers to their next favorite brand.
a bit about us
Face it. Working alone isn't working.

Today's brands aren't scaling, because today's brands are siloed— relying on costly platforms to reach new shoppers who they know very little about.

That's why we started Disco.

We’re a network of 1000+ premium consumer brands, cross-selling using collective intelligence to cut out the gatekeepers and cut acquisition costs. 

Together, we’re psychic.

We leverage the network's combined transaction data to give brands the power to predict what people will buy next. So, you can know your shoppers better and discover new ones just like them.

Designed with shoppers in mind.

Our unique insights and growth tools operate against annoying blind-spamming and creepy ad-targeting. We instead allow brands to reach people that actually want to hear from them.

Not just a company.

We’re a vibrant community that fosters collaboration, sharing, and partnership opportunities. We're a full-blown revolution in paid social targeting and post-purchase crossing. We're Disco - the world’s first collaborative retail media network.

80M +
U.S. online shoppers
in historic transactions
premium brands
Get on board.
Whether you're an emerging brand ready to make a splash or an established one ready to make greater waves– Disco welcomes you with open arms.