September 21, 2022

Data-Driven Brand Partnerships Made Easy With Disco

Brand collaborations can be an effective, low-cost way to acquire new customers. But the quest to find brand partner BFFs is no easy task and, without access to data, can feel like a shot in the dark. How do you know which brands are open to collaborate and have a similar audience to yours? How do you even start the conversation?

With our launch of Partner Inbox and Offer Swaps, Disco brands can now message anyone that we’ve recommended as a potential partner in their biweekly BrandMatch Report. Disco brands on Shopify can also start a collaboration with just a few clicks in the form of an Offer Swap on Disco’s platform.

“Before Disco, we couldn’t tap into another brand’s community based on real-time data sets about shared audiences. It was genuinely painful to do this manually.” - Sarah Moret, Founder & CEO at Curie

Being an independent brand doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. The Disco Network represents hundreds of premium DTC brands - equally innovative in their product design and customer acquisition strategies. And we happen to know they are actively looking for brand collaborators. 

That’s why we’re excited today to launch two new features to help Disco brands tap into our network’s collective intelligence to de-risk and simplify their brand partnership investments.

Meet Partner Inbox

Starting today, Disco brands on Shopify (or with at least 1,000 Disco transactions) will start receiving biweekly BrandMatch Report emails with our recommendations of potential partners that share customer overlap and similarity in audiences. 

See a brand you’d like to learn more about? Don’t be shy and say hi! Disco brands can now message any recommended brand in their BrandMatch reports directly. We’ve even included some conversation starters to help you get the discussion going.

“Since starting the company two years ago, we’ve facilitated dozens of introductions between brands in our community. The problem was so palpable that we decided to productize the approach.” - Conner Sherline, Founder & CEO at Disco

Meet Offer Swaps

Disco brands on Shopify can go one step further and actually kick off a collab right from Disco’s platform. Offer Swaps are offers that live on another brand’s post-purchase experience. You can propose an Offer Swap to any other Shopify brand we’ve recommended as a BrandMatch. From there, both brands can negotiate the details, launch the Offer Swap and monitor your performance. 

“As a closed-loop system, Disco has full visibility into shoppers’ full conversion paths, tracking 100k+ shoppers logging 1M+ shopper interactions on a daily basis. We analyze this rich data, including DiscoFeed interactions and shared customer data, to effectively match you with the right partner. The formerly arduous process is now delivered straight to your inbox. We took it one step further by giving brands end-to-end ways to partner without ever leaving Disco.” - Conner Sherline, Founder & CEO at Disco

And this is only just the start

We are so excited to get these new features into the wild, but also know this is just the first step of many more to come to give Disco brands the tools they need to easily launch data-driven brand partnerships. This is just the beginning of a lot more in this domain and we can’t wait to unlock even more ways to collaborate, together.

Not yet on Disco? Join the brand collab party.

Hey - there’s no reason to be dancing on your own. Join the Disco party by signing up today. Need some more info? Schedule a demo to learn more. These features come included in our standard $50 per month membership fee so come check them out!

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