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Your secret ingredient to scaled paid media.

Boost your top line with targeting that works.
Our audiences represent high AOV shoppers likely to buy based on their past purchases across Disco.

Boosting revenue for
1,000+ brands like:

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Target smarter with predictive audiences
based on actual purchases across
Disco Network.
Your dream
Our growing pool of 80M+
shoppers aren't just
high-intent – they
have proven higher
AOVs and brand loyalty.
– so you
can cut the
Our audiences are based on
$20B+ in actual purchases
across 1000+ brands, not
just clicks on your website.
Incorporate DiscoAudiences
across your campaigns
for boosted signal that
can boost your ROAS.
Find the right shoppers, right when you want them– at half the cost.
Find the right shoppers, right when you want them– at half the cost.
Find the right shoppers, right when you want them– at half the cost.
Find the right shoppers, right when you want them– at half the cost.
Margaret Fortner
Head of Growth at Glamnetic
“What gives DiscoAudiences a competitive edge is the quality data set that powers it. I know which brands are on the Disco Network – leading DTC brands I know my customers are probably shopping with – so I have the confidence to leverage this incremental source of data.”
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Andrés Szkolnik
Head of Performance and Acquisition at Sunday Citizen
We saw a 25% lift across our first 14 days. DiscoAudiences is my secret weapon — the next acquisition frontier. The more I use it, the more excited I get about all the opportunities available to us.”
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Genevieve Head-Gordon
Director of E-commerce & Growth at Sol de Janeiro
“With consumer behavior constantly changing and our growth goals increasing, we’re always trying to be innovative as we build our omnichannel presence. We’re excited to leverage Disco as we identify new channels of customer acquisition with a healthy RoAS.”

Brands on Disco have seen...

higher ROAS
decrease in CPA
increase in AOV
Test new channels.
Unlock new revenue.
Target smarter across top channels - Meta, Snap & TikTok.
Custom audiences that scale.
Select from direct audiences or lookalikes, seven sizes and 18 category affinity layers to maximize your campaign performance.
Easy set up. No integration needed.
Request unlimited audiences. We’ll ship them directly into your ads manager via API.
Boost your revenue with better signal.
✅ 80M+ high AOV shoppers
✅ Unlimited audiences
✅ Flat fee, no contract


What makes DiscoAudiences unique?

While other audience products might leverage your first party data, ours are built on historical transaction data from hundreds of brands. That's why our signal's so strong on what shoppers will buy next.

I already use Meta Advantage+. Why should I use DiscoAudiences?

Many of our brands use both! Meta launched Advantage+ as a response to the reduced performance brands saw on their campaigns following iOS 14.5, However, it’s a broad targeting solution that doesn’t give you many ways to customize. Plus, depending on your configuration, Advantage+ will still include a number of existing customers. DiscoAudiences can be used to leverage exclusively new individuals. With DiscoAudiences, you have full control over how your audiences are built so you can experiment and find what works best.

How long does it take to see performance?

We always give brands a two-week free trial to gauge performance. There are many audience combinations to test out, but it usually only takes 3-4 days to see if a given combination is effective.