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An evergreen customer
acquisition channel.

Easy incremental revenue. Only pay for conversions.
Reach high-intent shoppers when they're most likely to convert – after
buying from a complementary brand. Just add our widget to your
checkout page, no code required.

Driving you new shoppers from brands like:

In the wild

In the wild


Boost your revenue by reaching high-intent shoppers post-purchase.
Drive 1-5%
Let DiscoFeed do the
work, recommending your
products to high-intent,
high-AOV shoppers.
placement at
half the cost.
Recommend your products on the post-purchase pages of hundreds of top brands.
pay for
Set your own CPA and CPO.
Cancel anytime.
Reach likely buyers without lifting a finger.
Reach likely buyers without lifting a finger.
Reach likely buyers without lifting a finger.
Reach likely buyers without lifting a finger.
Sarah Moret
Founder & CEO at Curie
“As soon as I discovered Disco, I knew it was exactly what I needed. It’s a way to share traffic with like-minded brands and requires very low lift from our team.”
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Chelsea Schulz
Director of Performance Marketing at ettitude
“Disco’s core value is the community layered on their platform. Every brand is in the same boat: we’re ambitious about growth but very open to collaborating.”
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Melanie Travis
Founder and CEO of Andie
“We leverage DiscoFeed to surprise and delight customers with great new brands, just as we appear in the post-purchase landing page of synergistic brands that we love.”
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Brands on Disco have seen...

decrease in CPA
increase in AOV
Up your Revenue with Upsells.
Feature your brand on the first row of DiscoFeed to drive repeat purchases and LTV.
Ready for easy incremental revenue?
✅ Set it and forget it
✅ Only pay for performance
✅ Cut CPAs by 20%


What kinds of brands are using DiscoFeed?

Check out our Brand Directory for a sampling! If you sign up for our Community Slack, you can also keep track of when new brands join.

When can we expect to see performance?

This varies, but usually around a month. DiscoFeed needs some time to calibrate its recommendations across the network.

Do we have to display DiscoFeed in order to show across the network? Can we exclude competitors?

Yes, Disco is based on a give-to-get ethos with the idea that brands grow faster when they work together. By displaying DiscoFeed on your site, your brand will, in turn, be displayed by hundreds of complementary brands across our network. Not to worry, your competitors will be automatically excluded.

How does targeting work?

What makes DiscoFeed so powerful is you’ll be reaching the shoppers most likely to buy from you.

DiscoFeed uses machine learning to predict what shoppers are likely to buy next based on their past purchases. For example, we might predict that a given shopper who bought a coffee maker from a given home goods brand is likely to also be interested in a given men’s apparel brand. DiscoFeed will recommend that shopper the men’s apparel brand, while a different shopper will see an entirely different set of recommendations based on their purchase history.

You’ll then be able to see what brands on Disco drive you the most conversions and where else your customers are shopping. This gives you valuable insight into your customers’ preferences and spending habits.

How are conversions calculated?

We use a 14-day conversion window and count both display-based and click-based conversions. If a shopper makes a purchase from you within 14 days of either seeing your brand on DiscoFeed or clicking on your brand from DiscoFeed, we will then count it as a conversion.

And remember - we have a pay for performance model. You set your own CPA & CPO and only pay when we drive you a conversion.