How Disco Helped Ettitude Boost Cross-Selling and Brand Partnerships

ettitude is a modern lifestyle brand providing bed, loungewear, and bath essentials crafted from their trademarked CleanBamboo fabric. All products are Climate Neutral certified, water-saving, and sustainably and ethically made.

We sat down with Chelsea Schulz, their Director of Performance Marketing, to learn how Disco enables the company to drive untapped growth and partnership campaigns. Topics include: 

  • How mission-driven brands can find equally motivated partners
  • Finding genuine camaraderie among brands in the Disco network
  • How Disco’s low-effort, high-reward system drives tangible results
“With its seamless UX, the intuitiveness of the platform, and the community they’ve fostered — I think any brand who joins Disco will be delighted with it.” 

Why Ettitude Made the Jump to Disco

The ettitude team first came across Disco through Shopify’s app recommendations, though their decision to try it was cemented by positive word of mouth. Chelsea’s rationale was as follows:

  1. Disco was a win-win setup for sustainability-focused brands and customers alike
  2. Among the cutthroat ruthlessness of DTC marketing, Disco lifts every brand up
  3. Her team was doubling down on reciprocal cross-promotion with merchants

In terms of the actual signup and onboarding that followed, Chelsea describes integration as being as simple as plug and play. Little time was spent on the setup before the ettitude team was ready to go. As for mastering the platform itself, it was straightforward and intuitive. 

“We knew we needed to get in front of new customers who loved sustainable brands. Disco delivered on that through its customizable cross-sell function.” 

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The Disco Effect: Unmatched Efficiency & Support

Chelsea summarizes Disco’s impact on ettitude so far as threefold. 

1. High-Impact Cross-Sells

In Chelsea’s opinion, Disco's most significant selling point is its functionality for revenue-driving collaboration and cross-selling between value-aligned brands. 

It’s also executed at a consistent quality she’s yet to find anywhere else. Setting up these collaborations was intuitive and allowed her to customize branding and messaging. 

Diving deeper, she targeted specific categories and shopper demographics while filtering the types of brands she wanted to show up on ettitude’s post-purchase flow. This filtering step was crucial for ettitude to ensure its brand narrative held up through checkout.

2. Effortless KPI Optimization

Chelsea summarizes her day-to-day interactions with the Disco platform at a high level.

  • She sets a metric goal: typically a specific cost per order (CPO) and return on ad spend (ROAS), paired with spend levels to ensure the brand is on an upward growth curve.
  • Disco handles the backend optimization to hit those benchmarks. If a metric goal changes, the Disco team makes adjustments and monitors real-time performance. 
  • She does little more than a daily check-in. For instance, she’ll simply click into a paid campaign to easily browse performance metrics while filtering for historic performance.

Overall, she considers Disco a low-touch tool that requires little time and experimentation on the virtual platform — while simultaneously delivering compounding rewards. 

3. Deeply Attentive User Support

Chelsea’s role spans a range of functions that revolve around performance marketing. In turn, she simply does not have the bandwidth for troubleshooting or filing user support requests. 

From her lens, Disco was the perfect fit from a support perspective because of its ability to cater to immediate user needs. In her words, working with Disco’s team has been a breath of fresh air. 

For example, if tailored KPIs aren’t available directly within the platform, Chelsea can send an email and receive a reply within a few hours with the relevant performance metrics.

 As for handling bugs, she can shoot a message over to Disco support and receive a reliable response within 24 hours, with either a direct fix or actionable next steps.

“When you have responsive and supportive CX teams in the way Disco does, it honestly feels as close as you can get to having an in-house team.” 

Why Ettitude Is Doubling Down on Disco

Chelsea is more than excited to continue scaling ettitude’s partnership with Disco across two fronts. As she puts it in a few words: Disco is worth ettitude’s investment of time and money. 

The brand’s current budget for each Disco campaign hovers around $5,000 while they continue to scale more and more in scope and frequency each month. After all, Disco has quickly paid dividends and shows steady growth of opportunity. 

For instance, Chelsea points to the revenue boom of the holiday seasons: 

  • After launching on Disco — just a few days before Black Friday — the brand could partake in the high volume on other brands’ websites, as users swarmed around sustainable gift options and received cross-promotions for ettitude. 
  • She also looks forward to working with Disco through upcoming peak seasons and holidays, with Labor Day and summer sales as the next window of rapid growth. 

According to Chelsea, the least expected — and perhaps most valuable — function of Disco has been its network of sustainable, eco-friendly brands in authentic communities with one another. 

With every emerging brand that joins Disco, ettitude’s growth opportunities compound.

Her team receives regular placement reports from Disco, explaining which fellow brands are driving the greatest clicks and conversions. Finally, this leads to leveraging that community for collaborative marketing opportunities driven by the platform’s ML-matching algorithm.

Ultimately, Chelsea looks forward to continuing to foster community among ettitude’s cohort while pursuing new opportunities for mutually beneficial and profitable brand partnerships. 

“Disco’s core value is the community layered on their platform. Every brand is in the same boat: we’re ambitious about growth but very open to collaborating.”
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