Disco Now Integrates with WooCommerce

Disco is excited to now offer full-service integration benefits to brands who manage their store on WooCommerce, the eCommerce platform for WordPress. We started Disco less than two years ago on a mission to empower the world’s ecosystem of direct-to-consumers brands to effortlessly partner to reach more customers, reduce acquisition costs, and access collective shopper intelligence – together. 

Disco’s integration with WooCommerce scales our ability to provide full-service integration benefits to eCommerce brands outside of Shopify. 

“Disco has been fostering collaborative commerce amongst Brands since our founding. We’ve seen strong demand for Disco, regardless of eCommerce platform, so we’re very excited to further cut down the walls between Brands with our new WooCommerce integration.” - Dan Kaufman, Product at Disco

Getting set up is a breeze. You simply connect your WooCommerce store using OAuth (password-less authentication) and add a short script to your WooCommerce store. 

Why integrate?

Connecting your Disco account to your WooCommerce store will give you the ability to:

  • Auto-sync your product catalog
  • Improve your distribution
  • Get access to actionable insights

Auto-sync product catalogs

Rather than manually adding your products to your Disco account, Disco will automatically sync your WooCommerce product details with your Disco account. As you update your product catalog in your WooCommerce store, your products will update in your Disco account as well. Say goodbye to double entry! 

Improve distribution

By connecting your Disco account to your WooCommerce store, we’ll have visibility to your transaction data, including your historical data and order history, which will enable Disco’s machine learning algorithm to more intelligently pair you with shoppers most likely to convert across the Disco Growth Network.

On a foundational level, Disco is privy to 52M+ customer records of shoppers, including cross-category shoppers with high household income. Every month, we analyze nearly 5M transactions across 1,000+ brands, constantly identifying new connections between brands and shoppers. As a result, Disco leverages the predictability of our network transaction data to fuel and optimize the delivery of your brand to high intent customers. 

Access actionable insights

Having Disco integrated with your WooCommerce store allows you to leverage the power of Disco conversion tracking to understand your shoppers’ purchasing behavior. Disco uses email, phone number, device ID, WooCommerce Customer ID, among other customer properties to follow the user path and WooCommerce order data to account for purchases. This way, you’ll be able to understand which clicks and conversions are Disco-driven.

All of your Disco performance data will appear in your Performance Dashboard. In the Summary tab of your Performance Dashboard, you’ll have visibility into critical marketing data, including: 

  • Conversions
  • Total Driven Revenue
  • % GMV Driven
  • Net New Customers
  • New New Driven Revenue
  • Details for each conversions, including: surface (Order Confirmation vs. Email), driving brand, customer email, customer type (net new, returning, or re-engaged within a certain time frame), days since last purchase, order cost, WooCommerce order ID, conversion window, and order status URL)
  • Cross-Sell Engagement (clicks, CTR, CVR)
  • Upsell Engagement (clicks, CTR, CVR)
  • Product Engagement, by name (Cross-Sell CTR, Cross-Sell CVR)
  • Conversion data by surface (Order Confirmation, Email)

In the Partnerships tab of your Performance Dashboard, you’ll have visibility into invaluable partnership metrics, including:  

  • A table breaking down how much engagement each Disco brand drives you, including statistics like: brand, brand category, clicks, CTR, conversions, and driven revenue.
  • A table breaking down how much engagement you are driving to each Disco brand, including statistics like: brand, CTR, CVR. 

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How to Integrate Your WooCommerce Store with Disco

  1. From disconetwork.com, enter your work email address and follow the onboarding prompts. 
  2. When prompted to select your eCommerce platform, select “WooCommerce” and click continue. 
  1. You’ll be routed to the WooCommerce OAuth screen based on the store URL provided. This URL should be specific to your WooCommerce store location.
  2. Log into your WooCommerce account
  3. Approve the integration
  1. You’ll see a green checkmark next to “WooCommerce” which indicates that you’ve successfully integrated your WooCommerce store. Click “continue” to complete your Disco onboarding. 
  1. When you complete onboarding, navigate to your Brand Settings to follow the instructions to inject the Disco script onto your WooCommerce store. You can find detailed instructions for adding the script here
  2. To pay for your Disco membership, navigate to the Payment Tab in your Settings and follow the instructions to set up payments via credit card. 

Manage Your WooCommerce Account

WooCommerce features, services, and subscriptions will continue to be managed by WooCommerce directly. For WooCommerce help, visit their Support Center

About Disco

Disco is a network of brands that work together to learn more about their customers, increase merchandising distribution and lower customer acquisition costs. Through our advanced AI-driven partnership technology, Disco makes recommendations to millions of consumers across hundreds of brands each month. Members of the Disco Growth Network include leading direct-to-consumer brands like Rhone, Lovevery, Parade, Made In, and Faherty. Learn more about Disco here! learn more about Disco, visit: disconetwork.com. To request a demo with our sales team, schedule here.

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Ready to work with 1000’s of brands to drive collective growth?

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Get the latest on Disco products, customer stories, guides + more!

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