April 27, 2023

DiscoAudiences for TikTok is here! Get early access.

DiscoAudiences helps you target the shoppers most likely to convert on Meta, Snap and, now, TikTok! After much demand, we’re excited for our beta launch of TikTok as the newest channel for DiscoAudiences.

Get an edge on the competition with the first high intent targeting solution for TikTok.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms with over one billion active users worldwide. However, while we know brands are using TikTok to diversify their spend off of Meta, there hasn’t been an easy way to target high intent buyers - until now. We’re excited to be the first “high intent” targeting solution available on TikTok. 

Not just another pixel. Powerful targeting based on first party data, perfect for prospecting.

Today, we see a notable cap on Facebook’s capabilities. After the iOS rollout, Margaret Fortner, Glamnetic’s Head of Growth,  immediately noted a drop in click-through rates despite using the exact same creative.

As such, she’s been testing varied Facebook strategies, trying out TikTok, diversifying creative, and even running TV ads — all in efforts to efficiently re-engage and acquire customers.

Margaret has been impressed by DiscoAudiences’ strong performance. Learn how Glamnetic is leveraging DiscoAudiences here!

“What gives DiscoAudiences a competitive edge is the quality data set that powers it. I know which brands are on the Disco Network – leading DTC brands I know my customers are probably shopping with – so I have the confidence to leverage this incremental source of data.” - Margaret Fortner, Head of Growth, Glamnetic

Because of Disco’s unique network structure, we can see what other Disco brands your customers love shopping at and use that information to help you find more just like them. DiscoAudiences lets you target a panel of 65M+ U.S. eCommerce shoppers to scale your paid social strategy and increase your RoAS. What makes us unique is we build our audiences based on shoppers’ actual transactions - not just their activity on your website. This gives us a highly predictive signal of what products they might want to buy next, making DiscoAudiences perfect for prospecting campaigns.

“DiscoAudiences for TikTok expands the portability of our data layer and is making it accessible for brands to reach shoppers more intelligently, no matter where they are.” - Conner Sherline, Founder & CEO of Disco

Learn how to use TikTok for prospecting in our May 4th webinar.

Based on insights from our community of DTC founders, marketers, and operators, we’re hearing reports of TikTok not only helping brands diversify their mix as a new channel, but also improving their blended RoAS across all their channels. 

Not sure how to get started? Bring your burning questions to our upcoming webinar featuring our friends from TikTok, MuteSix, and KnoCommerce. We’re also excited to feature one of our own brands, Primally Pure, who will be sharing their pro tips on getting the most from TikTok.

RSVP: Join us on May 4th at 2pm EST / 11am PST. Even if you can’t make it, RSVP and we’ll send you the recording.

Get early access and try free for two weeks.

Sign up for the waitlist to be one of the first to leverage DiscoAudiences on TikTok and try free for two weeks. We look forward to getting your feedback on this beta launch!  

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