Disco Slack Code of Conduct

What is the Disco Slack Community?

The Disco Slack Community connects DTC brand leaders to connect and collaborate so you can grow, together. Join fellow DTC founders, marketers, and operators, along with Disco team members, to share insights, exchange ideas, and build relationships. Never used Slack? All good! You can review Slack documentation here.  

Can I get support about my Disco account in the Disco Slack Community?

For sure! The Disco Slack Community is composed of hundreds of other professionals like you who use Disco, many of which have used Disco since our inception in 2020. There are also mentors, agencies, and partners who can offer knowledge on their area of expertise as well.

If you have a technical question about your Disco account, the best place to get support is by emailing support@disconetwork.com.

As a best practice, we recommend reviewing the Disco Help Center for platform-related inquiries before emailing support@disconetwork.com.

Community Guidelines

Communities function at their best when every single person contributes, so when you join, come in with an open mind and lean into learning and sharing. It is our priority to foster a safe space for the DTC community – we have zero tolerance for any harassment or abusive behavior; tolerators and violators will be removed. If you are a partner or agency, please make to update your Slack profile accordingly so members know you work for a partner, vendor, or agency (details below). 


  • Update your profile so community members know who you are! Include your actual name and brand name in parenthesis to your Slack profile. If you are a partner or agency, please differentiate yourself from Disco brands. Within your Slack profile, indicate where you work and your role.
  • Initiate discussion around your acquisition strategies, advertising qualms, growing pains, and partnership opportunities. We’re here to discuss, offer feedback, and grow, together!
  • Invite other people who you think would benefit from the Disco Slack Community!
  • Offer your feedback, insight, and praise.
  • Share content including resources, success stories, etc. that you feel would be interesting for the Disco Community. This can include your brand or services where relevant and weaved into organic conversation (no spam).


  • Please do not DM Disco staff with support questions. If you have any questions that require support, please refer to the Disco Help Center. If your questions are not answered there, please email support@disconetwork.com
  • If you’re a partner or agency, please do not sell your services unless someone specifically asks about your services.

When in doubt, please reach out to @Tara Seruya (Disco) and we’ll give you a hand. Thank you for your participation and cooperation - we’re grateful for your partnership in helping brands grow, together!