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Use our insights engine to understand the habits of your profitable customers and identify ideal partners.

  • Learn where to find profitable new customers
  • Learn about their shopping habits
  • Learn which shops to partner with & chat in Disco

Find profitable customers

Go beyond the interest graph. Understand your customers’ shopping habits & behaviors.

See similar shops

Identify shops who aren’t competitors to your brand, but have similar customers.

Survey to learn more

Launch a survey to gather insights about your best acquisition channels and more.

Lalo used our insights

Using insights from disco, Lalo was able to improve their partnership conversations.

We designed the disco platform to help shops learn.

See How Modern Brands Learn, Together.

See How Modern Brands Learn, Together.

Shopper Insights

See who they are, what they buy, what they spend, and where they shop.

Category Insights

Gather learnings about your category from brand pairings across the disco network.

Partner Insights

We’ll tell you who you should be partnering up with and why we think it’s a great fit.

Survey Insights

Get direct feedback from your customers about your most pressing questions.

Channel Insights

See where your customers are coming from and which channels perform best overall.

Campaign Insights

See how well your campaigns are performing across the disco network.

The Ridge received a 3:1 return on ad spend

"Disco gives us the tools to position products as touchpoints for a new buyer to continue understanding the Ridge’s value as a brand. That’s critical since we think of post-transaction flows as the first page to our eventual retention efforts.”

net new conversions

*hundreds of new customers!



*that's a no brainer!

Connor MacDonald,
CMO at The Ridge

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